Size Guide for Protective Gear

The RAD Board Co. Skate Helmet for street and park skating is designed to provide optimal protection and comfort. With its advanced features and durable construction, this helmet ensures a safe and enjoyable skateboarding experience.

Key Features:
- Cooling Vents: Equipped with 11 cooling vents strategically placed throughout the helmet to promote rapid airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable during intense sessions.
- EPS Inner Core and ABS Outer Shell: The helmet features an EPS inner core frame supported by a toughened ABS outer shell, combining impact absorption with enhanced durability.
- Customizable Fit: The quick-release chin clip and controlled adjusters allow for a custom fit, ensuring both comfort and a secure hold.
- Washable Inner Liner: The inner liner pad set is washable, providing convenience and hygiene for long-term use.
- Ultralight and Impact Absorbing: The ultralight EPS inner core provides optimal impact absorption, offering additional support and comfort.

Size Guide:
Size Circumference (Centimeters) Circumference (Inches)
X-Small 52cm - 54cm 20.47" - 21.25"
Small 54cm - 56cm 21.25" - 22.05"
Medium 56cm - 58cm 22.05" - 22.83"
Large 58cm - 60cm 22.83" - 23.62"
X-Large 60cm - 62cm 23.62" - 24.4"
2X-Large 62cm - 64cm 24.4" - 25.19"

RAD Board Co. Protective Pad Set:
Our protective pad set is designed to offer maximum protection and comfort for your knees, arms, and wrists during skateboarding. Here are some notable features:
- Double Layer Padding: Optimal fit and maximum protection with double-layered padding.
- Tear Resistant Nylon: Durable nylon material protects your knees from scrapes and abrasions.
- Ergonomic Design: The pads are ergonomically shaped to provide a great fit and comprehensive protection.
- Ventilated Neoprene: The pads feature ventilated neoprene material, keeping you cool and dry even during intense sessions.
- Convenient Packaging: The pad set comes packaged in a mesh bag for easy storage and transport.

Size Guide:

Size Knee Arm Wrist
Small 28cm - 36cm 20cm - 25cm 12cm - 16cm
Medium 34cm - 42cm 26cm - 31cm 16cm - 18cm
Large 40cm - 50cm 32cm - 36cm 19cm - 21cm
X-Large 48cm - 55cm 35cm - 40cm 22cm - 25cm

Choose RAD Board Co. for top-quality skateboard helmets and protective pads that prioritize safety and performance. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, our products will help you stay protected while pushing your limits on the board. Shop now and elevate your skateboarding experience with RAD Board Co.