Learn the Fundamentals of Ollie, the Gateway Trick

The ollie is the foundation of many advanced skateboarding tricks. It involves popping the tail of the skateboard while sliding your front foot up the board to level out in mid-air. Mastering the ollie opens up a world of possibilities for tricks and maneuvers. Start by practicing the proper foot placement and timing of the pop and slide motion. With dedication and practice, you'll soon be launching yourself and your board into the air with confidence.

How to Do an Ollie: here's a helpful video tutorial here
  1. How to Do an Ollie:

    A. Foot Position:

    • Place your front foot at a slight angle near the middle of the skateboard. Your toes should point diagonally towards the front corner of the board.
    • Position your back foot on the tail of the skateboard, hanging slightly off the edge.

    B. Bend Your Knees:

    • Begin with a slight bend in your knees, ready to generate power for the ollie.

    C. Pop the Tail:

    • Press down firmly on the tail with your back foot to make the tail snap against the ground. This action creates the "pop" and initiates the ollie.

    D. Slide Your Front Foot and Jump:

    • As the tail pops off the ground (due to step C), simultaneously slide your front foot towards the nose of the skateboard. Your front foot should slide along the grip tape and level out the board.
    • As your front foot slides up the board, jump with your skateboard. Use your sliding front foot to level the board out in mid-air.

    E. Level Out and Prepare to Land:

    • Keep your eyes on the board as it levels out. Prepare to land both feet on the bolts, which are the screws on the skateboard's deck.

    F. Land Smoothly and Roll Away:

    • As the board starts to descend, bend your knees to absorb the impact. Try to land with both feet on the bolts to maintain balance.
    • Once you've landed, maintain your balance and roll away smoothly. Congratulations, you've just completed an ollie!


  • Practice on a flat and smooth surface initially.
  • Start by practicing the pop motion without jumping to get comfortable with the movement.
  • Timing is crucial – the pop and slide should be fluid and coordinated.
  • Focus on leveling the board out in mid-air by dragging your front foot.
  • It might take time to get the ollie right, so be patient and keep practicing.