Choosing the right Helmet

Helmet Lifespan: How Long Do Helmets Last?

Your helmet is a vital piece of protective gear that shields your head against brain injuries. However, it's important to remember that helmets don't last forever. After a significant crash or approximately five years of use, it's crucial to consider replacing your current helmet with a new one.

When to Replace Your Skate Helmet?

Even if your helmet shows no visible signs of damage, it's necessary to replace it after a severe impact or around five years of regular use. Prolonged use and sweat can impact the foam's integrity, while multiple blows or a serious impact can degrade the helmet's protective capabilities. Moreover, as you or your children grow, ensuring a properly fitting helmet in good condition is essential for optimal protection.

Examining Your Helmet

To ensure your head stays protected, it's advisable to discontinue using your helmet if any of the following conditions apply:

1. Outer shell: Cracks, scrapes, or bumps.
2. Faded outer color: Indicating potential UV damage.
3. Inner shell: Cracking or signs of aging.
4. Buckles: Not clicking together securely.
5. Straps: Inability to adjust properly or becoming loose with use.
6. Deteriorating foam inside.

How to Wear Your Helmet?

Proper helmet positioning is crucial for optimal protection. Follow these guidelines to ensure you're wearing your helmet correctly:

1. Position: Wear the helmet horizontally and flush with your eyebrows, avoiding a backward slope or covering your eyes.
2. Fit: The helmet should provide a snug, yet comfortable fit. Tighten the straps under your chin to prevent the helmet from shifting backward or coming off in the event of a fall.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can maximize the lifespan of your helmet and ensure optimal protection while skateboarding. Remember, safety should always be a priority.

How to measure head circumference

Measure your head circumference horizontally around where your eyebrow/brow ridge sits, you can then see what size helmet you’ll need on our Protective Gear Size Chart.